Dec 28

Business & Leadership Lessons Learned from Nelson Mandela

The world lost one of its most noble and illustrious men when Nelson Mandela  passed away recently. Mr. Mandela’s life was full of travails and hardships that would make most men crumble, through it all he was able to impart some valuable life and business lessons to us all.

Lesson 1: Build and Stick to a Well Built Strategic Game Plan

Albert Sisulu and Nelson Mandela sought out a goal of united equal rights for a peaceful multi-national South Africa nearly 70 years ago. Their goal seemed incredibly outlandish and inconceivable at the time. Nonetheless they persevered through a dogmatic and disciplined approach to their ideals and vision. This is a lesson that is often forgotten in businesses what may seem impossible or impractical can often be done with strategic tact and persistence.

Lesson 2: Personalize & Relate Your Goals to Your Target Audience

One of the keys to the success of Nelson Mandela and his compatriots was the ability to market and outline their causes to their target audience. The marketing and publicity effort created by their platforms and ideals was able to inspire the whole world to spur into action. If they hadn’t successfully related their issues to the outside world media South Africa may still be under apartheid today. The same principle holds true for any business you may have the best product in the world but without the proper marketing and reach you will never reach your potential.

Lesson 3: Learn from the Past but Don’t Let it Consume You

As soon as Nelson Mandela was released the whole world sat and waited to see what would happen in South Africa. The fear of longstanding instability and retribution killings was widely anticipated as the country moved towards democracy. The greatest gift Nelson Mandela had was his ability to take valuable lessons from the past but not let it taint or tarnish his perspective of what the future should hold. He forgave his captors granted amnesty to many in the apartheid regime and sought for a united progressive future for his country.  Often companies are left as paralyzed bystanders to their past. They fixate on what worked or didn’t work in the past and out of fear or limited vision are unable to seize market opportunities.

The Mandela in All Of us

Businesses and individuals alike can learn a tremendous amount from maintaining a steadfast, ethical and honorable belief in their values and vision. These lessons above are but a few of the key valuable life and business lessons Nelson Mandela has imparted on the world.


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