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Sep 14

A World Tragedy: Why September Eleventh Is Still Relevant in the World Markets Today

Walking by the World Trade Center yesterday, hearing the names of the victims of 9/11, one could not help but feel an incredible sorrow and angst at the events of that day. That moment in time has done more to shape the following decade and our current lives than any singular event in our generation. …

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Sep 04

Turkey: The Potential Rebirth of An Economic Empire

Recently I came back from a trip visiting Paul Garrison, my old marketing professor, and a former head-marketing executive at Coca Cola. While we discussed many emerging markets the conversation soon centered on Turkey.  Paul, who now runs a specialized strategy and marketing boutique consulting company, shared his current business experiences in Turkey. To sum …

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Aug 23

It Takes A Revolution To Find A Solution: Five Ways that the Arab Spring has Changed the Business Landscape in the Middle East

Historically referred to as the “Old World,” the Middle East has always been a center of significant trade and commerce. Over the past century its importance has been less tied to its innovation and new business creation and more reliant on its exports of key world natural resources. The past fifty years the political scene …

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