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Sep 18

Entrepreneurial Success as seen by a Serial Successful Entrepreneur

Last Thursday in Boston I had the pleasure to attend a talk hosted by the UMASS Alumni Association by successful entrepreneur and venture capital partner Larry Bohn. Larry touched on a series of topics including the model for venture capital firms, entrepreneurship and the risks versus rewards one encounters in life. Below are some of …

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Aug 25

Dreams & Passion Often Not Enough: Why Many Entrepreneurs Fail to Reach Market Success

Recently I went to a startup pitch venue in Boston. Of the five pitches, four were I-phone or Android applications. While the ideas were interesting, most of them seem to address a limited mobile market.  The majority of current day entrepreneurs seem to scoff at the fundamentals of old-fashioned need based entrepreneurship.  The first rule …

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Aug 16

Perception vs Reality: Why smaller markets may indeed be a better fit!

When many entrepreneurs enter a market one of their first goals is to aggressively enter the biggest markets where they see the largest consumer demand and profit base. As a result most entrepreneurs focus their efforts on the US and western markets because they see them as holding the most potential. By doing so companies …

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