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Spring Anew a year later: Have the Arab Revolutions Provided A Solution?


It has been just over a year since the Arab revolutions spread across North Africa and into the Levant. From the seeds of oppressive frustration born decades ago, came a wave of action that would make worldwide revolutionaries from De Gaulle to Gandhi. The people spoke, many of the dictators fell but did real progress occur?


Tunisia, Egypt and Libya Successful Revolutions?


The Arab landscape changed overnight and the whole world eagerly awaited the results. Slowly like a domino beginning in North Africa with Tunis, we saw successful overthrows in Egypt and in Libya. With the fall of iron clad dictatorships came a sense of hope and a new destiny.


A year later Egypt’s military has created a new regime that would make Mubarak seem like Mother Teresa. The rules of oppression and dictatorships have returned stronger than ever. With an unrelenting energy only paralleled to that found in the revolution the new politics in Egypt is as severe as ever.


Tunisia and Libya are both struggling with similar problems. Attempts at democratic elections and social progressive change have been nearly impossible to implement. The corruption and ways of old still remain as parties and tribes jostle for absolute power and control of the country.


Syria, Bahrain, Morocco a Dream Deferred?


 While some of the revolutions saw older despots removed from power,  other dominos are still too strong to fall. The situation in Morocco and Bahrain saw frustration emerge on to the streets, only to have repression and the heavy hand of the law rebuff their efforts.


Syria, on the other hand continues the battle for change but like a terminal disease, the whole body of the country’s majority is still repressed by the Alawite minority. The difference in this particular battle is that there is no end in sight or an idealistic solution ahead.


One Step on the Path to Progress 


Sun Tzu, once said in the Art of War  that  “A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.” In the case of the Middle East this process has led to several step forwards in the century followed by a sprint back. The Arab idealism of the fifties and sixties gave way to staunch dictators and economic and intellectual stagnation.


The hope that still glimmers a year from that time is that unlike the past Arab movements, this ongoing struggle can lead to long term change and progress.


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