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Feb 17

The Decline Of Twitter: Why 2016 Is A Must-Win Year for Twitter

Five years ago Biz Stone and Evan Williams were media darlings and Twitter was still a rising social network whose prominence was equal to Facebook’s and whose future domination seemed certain. Fast forward five years and now we see Twitter fighting for its market share and for its future spot among the competitive social landscape. …

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Feb 02

Data Driven Versus Data Informed Marketing: Top 3 Reasons Why You Can’t Get Rid of Thinking Human

With a propensity of personal data gathered across a variety of social and ad networks there is a deep belief among many that algorithms can accurately profile and target user preferences. Global companies like Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn have been customizing feeds and selling targeted ad solutions, but is there a limit to ad technology …

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Feb 05

ScholarLocker: The Inside Look of How One Student Project is Redefining the Student Experience

In a local pub in Coolidge Corner this past week, I had the pleasure to sit down with Kiran Agarwal-Harding. A fourth year medical student, Kiran is one of the founders of ScholarLocker, an educational resource that has transformed the way many medical students interact and utilize information. The Big Idea: The Aha Moment that Set …

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Jan 27

Developing Markets: The Fortune to Be Found in Africa

  Last week, Morgan Stanley’s New York Environment and Social Forum hosted an event focused on analyzing the investment opportunities found in Africa. The open panel discussion was led by two prominent figures in this field: Margot Brandenburg of the Rockefeller foundation and Jeffrey Leonard of the Global Environment Fund. Their discussion covered a wide …

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Nov 30

The Case for Keeping Social Media Human: Rethinking Sentiment Algorithms and Automation

This week I had the pleasure of attending a talk led by Ariel Dos Santos, MIT Sloan alum and current social marketing manager at Microsoft. When one thinks of Microsoft, the last thing that comes to mind is innovation in social media marketing.  However, Ariel shed a light on just how Microsoft is changing its …

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Oct 20

The Gaming World Newest Trends: Reshaping the way we look at games and their Applications

  With the emergence of the smart phones and more powerful computer processors every day, we are seeing a new wave of games and applications. While, the majority of developers and game companies are developing games for I-Phones or Androids, there are others which are redefining the space.  Two companies doing so are Brass Monkey …

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Oct 05

How Technology is Re-defining the Modern Classroom: An Innovative Perspective from the Oldest American Academic Institution

  Many of us can remember times in college when we were sitting in class listening to a professor reciting verbatim the exact content found in our textbook.  Others of us, myself included, can remember cramming to learn a concept to pass a test, but subsequently forgetting the concept and its applications.  These inefficiencies and …

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Sep 08

Understanding SaaS Evolution Through the Eyes of A Marketing Guru

Last night I had the pleasure of meeting William Toll to discuss the technology market and its evolution. The last five years have brought an abundance of tech terms to modern business and investor vocabulary. The non-techies among us often find it hard to understand what the code-speak is and what relevancy it holds in …

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