Sep 24

Search Engine Optimization Yourself: The Unconscious SEO Of Our Lives


With the political and social landscape of the world changing at a frightening pace it can be tough to find the perfect way to represent yourself and what you stand for. The same can be said of many brands and their websites. Companies spend millions of dollars on their search engine optimization efforts ensuring that every on-page and off-page factor is a perfect representation of their brand. While we may not think of it, individuals like you and me are always search engine optimizing our daily lives. Below are three factors that show the parallels between SEO and our daily search engine optimization.

On Page Factors: The H1, Meta-Descriptions, & Title Tags of Life

We spend thousands of dollars on what we eat, look like and drive. At first glance this can be attributed to our consumerism and the dominant factors associated to it. In reality what we are trying to do is portray who we are to our target audience just like on-page search engine optimization. Our H1 tags can be described by our clothes and appearance, this is the header or first thought that pops into someone’s mind when they see us.  Our meta description is our first conversation with that person, generally a short hopefully impactful statement that tells that person what we are about. The title tag in America at least is our job title and our standing in society. While these may all seem like superficial factors, they are generally how people judge individuals when they first meet them, similar to how a search engine’s algorithm judges the credibility and value of a page.

Off-Page Factors: Local Citations, Directories, Social Media

In SEO you want to make sure your brand is known in all the local directories (Yelp, Google Local, etc) and social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) For a company, this is your opportunity to humanize yourself and make a strong connection with your followers. As individuals we are faced with the same challenges, our local citation is our network of people and how they represent us. We make connections through our network, use our network to portray who we are and what we are about. This is then augmented through our social network push which generally shows our best side and why our life is so incredible. The reality of our lives may be a lot less alluring and thrilling, but just like companies, we are always pushing the content and connections which put us in the best light.

Global vs Local Search Engine Optimization

Companies have picked up on the need to optimize their efforts on the local markets they are in. They spend millions of dollars focusing their SEO efforts and keywords on their target geographies. Similarly, many individuals spend most of their efforts to boost their standing in their local community. While we may not write thousands of blog posts about our local city and services, we spend a significant effort in our local community at town halls, bars, and social gatherings trying to convey who we are and what we represent.

Longstanding SEO Versus Longstanding Reputation Management              

There are many parallels between the fundamentals of SEO and self optimization. You need to have a core message, a strong strategy and optimize your execution (the factors you can control.)  At the end of the day however, other people are not search engines with limited algorithm sets.  Just like with good longstanding SEO you can’t build a strong foundation on tricks and maneuvers. The best websites like the best people, are authentic and have a real message and personality behind their personal brand.


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