Dec 20

The Best Way To Celebrate The Holiday Season: The Power of Giving through Mentorship & Entrepreneurship

As 2011 comes to a close we can reflect on what was one of the most tumultuous and eventful years in recent history. From both a global business and politics perspective this year made market analysts look foolish and revolutionaries seem heroic. This year also cast a sharp light on the problems present in the growing divide globally between the upper class and the rest of society.

While, there is very little one individual can do to change the system, as a collective whole we can help bridge the divide in years to come through a focused, inspired and channeled effort.

Mentoring: Empowering Change One Person At A Time

For those who have been incredibly fortunate and have had the ability to learn, advance and grow successfully it is imperative that one help, advise and empower the future and upcoming generations. It is unbelievable the power a mentor can have in shaping future leaders, thinkers, and dreamers as they build a future.

If one can spend even an hour a week helping out in the local communities the payback will be enormous both in the present and in years to come. It will also create a domino effect where the successful population of mentored youth and professionals will feel the obligation and need to do the same to up and coming youth in their generation.

When we have seen societies grow and prosper historically it has generally always included a time where information was distributed to large swaths of the population. Times like the Renaissance and Islamic Age had this mentoring and apprenticeship principle as a cornerstone of their foundation.

Entrepreneurship: The Growth Engine To Change

While, mentoring might be the first step in this process it is important to also recognize the effect of entrepreneurship in change. The one advantage the US has always had is its ability to encourage people to take risks to define the world as they see it. As a result of risks we have new industries, roles and processes that we never thought were possible.

If our governments and our collective people across the world would embrace the power of entrepreneurship and business creation we could re-define the so- called aristocratic workplace that spurred the occupy movement and much world resentment.

Key to Change: Action Instead Of Reaction

The keys to our success really do not lie within one institution or country. It is necessary to recognize that as a collective whole we are responsible for our current situation. In that same token the present situation is not helpless and mentoring and entrepreneurship can go a long way in healing our current woes. This holiday season should not be focused on bickering or complaining but rather on the proactive change that lies within each one of us.


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