Oct 20

The Gaming World Newest Trends: Reshaping the way we look at games and their Applications


World of Warcraft

With the emergence of the smart phones and more powerful computer processors every day, we are seeing a new wave of games and applications. While, the majority of developers and game companies are developing games for I-Phones or Androids, there are others which are redefining the space.  Two companies doing so are Brass Monkey  & Ninja Metrics.

Who Needs a Playstation When You Have a Smartphone:

Brass Monkey takes away the gaming console from your experience and makes it possible to play games on your TV using just your smartphone and a wi-fi connection.  Brass Monkey is using cloud technology and their own developed and branded games to make it possible for gamers to plug and play. Your smartphone becomes the controller and your wirelessly interact with the game play on the TV. Testing Brass Monkey’s game is almost like having a portable Wii.  The movement of your smartphone mimics in many ways the Wii controller and game play.

Potential to Usher in A New Era

If Brass Monkey is able to take their first mover advantage in the market it could change the development of smartphone games & apps.  A popular alternative to staring at a five-inch phone screen would surely be having the ability to plug and play on a HD TV instantly. What this means is a possibility of many game developers using Brass Monkey’s technology to create games that would be sold by them and Brass Monkey conjointly.  With many of the newest smart phones on par technologically with the most sophisticated gaming consoles, it is only a matter of time before the gaming console and its traditional game discs and cartridges becomes a thing of the past.

Never Miss with an Educated Ninja

Ninja Analytics is a firm based on another popular gaming niche better known  as the MMORPG, or Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game examples of which include the popular World of Warcraft & Final Fantasy. Ninja analytics formed as a group of social scientists, artificial intelligence and marketing analytics experts. Their primary aim was to see if they could discover trend analysis across the spectrum of the MMORPG market and what elements could be improved. Through their research and its applications Ninja Analytics has been able to accurately predict what attracts gamers & what turns them off. This in turn helps the MMORPG developers better design their games in order to get a higher game play, retention & subscription rate.

MMORPG Next Evolution

By consulting with Ninja Analytics many MMORPG firms are understanding the social science and behavior associated with the games they created. They can better target their market, the games top influencers who are the best advocates and supporters of the game, and the way that the game is to be played out. By putting solid theories and data together they can accurately predict what will happen within their game and why.  Also by putting in these measures Ninja Analytics has made it more difficult for players to use games to cheat and bypass the system. What you have as a result is a more entertaining game in a better gaming environment.

Future for these Technologies

Companies like Brass Money and Ninja Analytics are just beginning to impact the market and its development.  In both cases the companies are re-defining the niche they are working in and introducing a new way to game.  Only time will tell what their technologies ultimate impact on the gaming community will be. What we know for sure is that their innovations have opened doors of thought that we had yet to explore.


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