Wag the Dog: Why The Latest Anti-Islam Movie is a Vehicle of Distraction

A couple of weeks ago I had the distinct privilege of going to see Murhaf Jouejati, at Harvard. During his talk, Mr. Jouejati informed the general public of the dire straits and consequences of the war in Syria. What became very clear during this discussion was the lack of concrete international intervention and the bloody future months of innocent killing that lie ahead. Innocent civilians and refugees are being murdered ruthlessly and the world silently watches.


Why Syria is Different From the Rest of The Middle East


Syria has become the focal point of attention and dissension for the global super powers and an unfortunate victim of poor timing and placement. Russia, still seething from foreign military intervention in Libya has run a full court press supporting and backing the current Syrian regime.  For Russia, Syria represents a last stronghold in the Middle East and an important trading partner.  Over the last year the Syrian government has placed a considerable amount of money in buying Russian-made arms and defense weapons. China and Iran hold similar trade and political agendas for their alliance with the current regime.


The European Union is in flux and unable to handle any more crisis’s and America is in the midst of a pivotal presidential election. All this leaves the Syrian people with no hope for positive foreign intervention and a speedy resolution. The crises will continue and become more secular as thousands lose their life trying to gain freedom.


The Role of The Inflammatory Movie In All This


Recently a movie purportedly produced by a former criminal portraying the profit Mohammed as a womanizer, bastard and power monger was produced and translated into Arabic. This movie is a low-brow production and mix of different scenes meant to outrage and incite hatred on both ends of the spectrum. While this has caused a wave of protests, violence and unfortunate deaths across the Arab world recently, the movie was actually launched in June and only translated to Arabic around the time of September 11th.


The timing of the translation and the protests seem to be a well-timed plan of a greater organization that has nothing to do with the common Arab. This seems to aid certain organizations and countries while deflecting the attention from a greater issue at hand.


Wag the Dog Forget The Syrian


The Syrian people have been lost in the noise of what is commonly referred to as a wag the dog strategy. The biggest beneficiaries of this movement are precisely the enemies of the Syrian revolution. Arabs are portrayed as highly unstable individuals unable to manage with free civil liberties. Their backlash reaction shows them to be a blood-thirsty culture that hates the West and needs to be tightly controlled. Russia and Iran can point to Libya and Tunisia as examples of what happens when Western intervention helps oust a West friendly Dictator.  Even Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is using the movie to push his own platforms. Mr. Netanyahu sees the protests as a case study for what can occur when Middle Eastern countries are given too much leeway.

incendiary movie. Countries like Russia, China, Iran and Israel continue to push their own platforms. This movie has helped and aided their cause, serving as a vehicle for frustration and diversion while successfully diverting the world’s awareness and attention from the continuing Syrian genocide.


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