Nov 10

Why the Arabic Spring Couldn’t Change the Iron Grip Dictatorship Everywhere in the Middle East: Syria The Country The World Ignored

The past six months have brought a flood of excitement that the Arab world has not seen since the 1950’s. What was once thought impossibility became a reality as many of the staunchest dictators in the area saw their unexpected final days. What stated as a mere protest movement in North Africa caught wildfire and has inspired people across the world.


Of the many nations involved several movements were forgotten and not successful. In places like Yemen, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Syria the protests were violently repressed and thousands of innocent lives were lost in vain.


In Syria in particular the situation is dire and the protesters have limited hope. There is a combination of factors that influence the maintenance of the current status quote. These three factors have served as a primary roadblock to Syrian peoples freedom.


Minority In Power Can’t Survive Without Power


When France and England finally left the Middle East they left the Middle Eastern people with one final present. This present consisted of assuring a power structure that aligned a minority sect to be in power of the majority. In this way the West would always be in command of the Middle East simply because the minority could not stay in power over the majority without their support.


This beautiful system brought to power the likes of Saddam Hussein, Hafez Al-Assad, Muammar Gadhafi and a slew of other lesser-known dictators. These dictators coming from the smaller tribes and sects of the nation, primary aim was to first ensure prosperity to their people and not the greater whole. As a result in resource rich places like Syria and Libya the general population continued to get more impoverished while the ruling minority sect continued to sap the country dry of its wealth.


The majority of people suffering in Syria are not in command of the military and economics to be able to control a take over and revolution. As a result the Alawi minority continues to roll over the bodies of the protesters as though they were simple speed bumps in the road. The Alawi Assad’s do not want to concede any power or lose any privileges in fear that this will be the first step to their imminent demise. As such they will fight to maintain their power until the last protester has fallen.


Strategic Alliances: China, Russia, & Iran’s Influence In Syria


China, Russia and Iran all have an equal vested interest to maintain the current regime. All three countries have lucrative trading and commerce deals in place with Syria that would be in serious jeopardy if the regime was ousted or forced to democratize.


In addition Russia has key naval bases in Lattakia that serve as part of their larger global marine strategy. These bases are a key resource and entry for the Russian navy in the Mediterranean sea.  Iran also see’s the Alawi sect as closer to their Shia majority than the majority of the remaining Sunni Syrian population. As a result they would be much happier if the current relations remained unchanged.


Respect Thy Neighbor: Jordan, Israel, Lebanon & The Domino Effect


Syria is a main artery and focal country in the Middle East. As the heart of the Levant it’s wave of politics and influence crosses into Natural Syria’s historic borders and beyond. Any sustained instability or change could adversely affect the current status quo in Jordan, Israel and Lebanon. It could even cause a push towards a conflict among or within these borders.


This is a result that for the UN and US in particular would cause many potential headaches and security issues. As such it is better to maintain an enemy that you know than let the great unknown lurk its way into command.  With all the international conflicts that the UN is involved in a further engagement of any kind is not an enticing proposition.


The Result: A Country Without Freedom or Hope


Despite the best efforts of the Syrian people to overthrow the command and grant themselves an opportunity at a better life change is not coming. The greater powers that be have determined that it is not Syria’s time to change and as such they must endure the living hell of their system. A system with no chance to develop the needed economy to support its people and provide a future for its growing generations.  If one cares about equality and ensuring all human beings a better life it is only natural to feel for the Syrian people and their current plight.


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