Why the Super PAC is the PAC-Man of True Democracy

In a world teetering on an economic collapse, one can never truly breathe easy. The November US presidential elections hold a glimmer of hope for many across the world. By knowing what president will reside over the next four years, investors and companies alike can better predict what kind of market legislation lies ahead.  A domino effect will occur as finally many of the financial strategies that are currently being held up in fear of an unknown future are executed.


Usually one can take solace in knowing the future of the markets will be dictated by the will of the collective spirit of the people. Part of this belief is the understanding that the elected officials represent the will of the people. While, legal lobbying has always been present from the inception of the US, this presidential election will mark the first time the super PAC will be present. The super PAC allows an uncapped level of private wealth to enter into campaign funds.


Carte Blanche for the President


With a super PAC in place the private interests will become the center of each candidate’s decision-making process. As long as the candidates cater to their collective campaign cronies, there can be no harm in any of their decisions. This leads to a dangerous precedent where democracy and liberal free flowing capitalism is greatly hindered.


Campaign stuffers like the Koch brothers and others will continue to get their platforms across at any cost. These platforms come at a cost of the social welfare as many of the so-called benefactors are not moderates and are out on their own personal mission. This mission does not correlate with the social good of the country.


Wheels in Motion: Why the 99% should be afraid


The President and his cabinet are already seeing the effects of this super PAC.  Mitt Romney has raised more campaign funds than many thought was possible during this time period.  While current President Obama has not necessarily lived up to peoples’ expectations, a future with Mitt could turn the US’s international standing and economy into an irreversible tailspin. The same Mitt who was once an underdog now is seen more and more as a potential primetime candidate.


Mitt could be the first lab rat of the new super PAC and its effects. Mr. Romney is a candidate willing to be a pawn of the super PAC benefactors. All believers in social democracy as a check and balance should be wary this November. What may start as a great market recovery, could be the start of a new and dangerous brand of politics.

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  1. Eric McPherson

    I don’t think most Americans realize how scary this new reality really is. Great job making the points clearly and concisely.

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